Monday, August 22nd 2011

Being considered to be the top of ICT manufacturer by conquering 90% of WiFi market share in the world, Taiwan has moved to the next level of ICT industry. The E-Taiwan program which was established in 2002 had developed very well and fast in order to support Taiwan to enter the new era of mobilization technology. This evolution brought Taiwan to evolve their program from E-Taiwan into M-Taiwan. M-Taiwan (M stands for mobile) became the next stage of ICT industry in Taiwan.

It was starting from December 2005 when the Science and Technology Advisory Group (STAG) of Executive Yuan developed a WiMax blueprint. They believed if WiMax would be the preferred technology to deliver M-Service, M-Learning, and M-Life in the M-Taiwan program. And to realize the program, the government should dive into the pocket deeply. In the year 2005, 42 million USD has been spent, and more 70 million USD in the year after. All in all, this four year program will cost around 212 million USD totally, and for the exchange, it is expected to stimulate Taiwan’s industry to invest approximately 630 million USD on WiMax network infrastructure.

To strengthen Taiwan’s ICT infrastructure and services to provide a world class broadband access environment for internet users has become one of the major objectives of the program. Hence, the government needs to encourage all corporate, both local and foreign companies, to take apart on this project. Enhance infrastructure, upgrade the communications equipment, creating a mobile data service industry, and build a competitive mobile industry environment, are specified objectives of M-Taiwan.

Some strategies which were adopted for the technology development, also has been planned to achieve the goals. The first strategy is, build a complete WiMax ecosystem. Then, developed differentiated applications and design a coupled WiFi/WiMax network to leverage strength of Taiwan’s WiFi industry. For non-technical strategies, the government plans to leverage government sponsored research and development projects, and participate in international standards activities and collaborate with international organizations. To assist all the projects which belong to M-Taiwan program, the government has built M-Taiwan support center to conduct network entrance and interoperability test. And after the M-Taiwan succeeded, Taiwan will move to the top level of ICT life, which they named U-Taiwan. U is for ubiquitous.


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