It’s Kind of Funny Story

Sunday, March 6th 2011

Not mine of course, I do apologize for disappointing you when you expected to read my funny story after read the title. You know (or if you don’t know then I’ll tell you) that I am not good enough at making fun of myself. So, it is about the movie that I just watched last night. A good one indeed. I felt lucky, because sometimes between the movie and it’s title do not link each other. Like, you really want see something from the movie, but you don’t get it. Fortunately, this movie could bring me satisfaction. Especially, from it’s story. Lots of smart jokes, light story but so deep and meaningful. And luckily the main actor (Keir Gilchrist) played well. He could act so natural at his young age. Or, maybe because lately I enjoy this kind of genre, a family-drama movie which contains a bit of romance and tons of humor.

Then, what kind of story that attracted me to share it to you? Well, there is a teenage named Craig. He is like a common teenager who is struggling with his study to triumph the best university and the best future in life. Craig feels so obsessed about it since his father is very demanding. Therefore he planned to commit suicide for several time as a runaway. But then he always succeeded not to continue his idea. Hence, he went to the doctor to cure his “sickness”. The doctor who examined him could not find something matter on him, but Craig still insisted that he was “sick”. Not physically, yet mentally. As a result, Craig was moved to the curing environment and had to stay for 5 days minimum to get the appropriate treatment in the hospital. He found a lot of people who actually have mental-illness. Some of them are really really “sick”, and the other are not so “sick”. And then the story, was just to begin… Okay, I think it’s enough to give you the intro, it’ll be better if you watch it. I guarantee it’s not gonna disappoint you. Finger crossed.

(English mode : OFF) Saya suka dengan kisah di film ini yang menyindir cara pandang orang-orang pada umumnya tentang kesuksesan, tapi dibungkus dengan ringan dan lucu. Kita yang senantiasa berlomba-lomba meraih sekolah-sekolah terbaik, supaya bisa mendapat pekerjaan layak, sukses, banyak uang, hingga bisa membeli segalanya, dan jadi bahagia karenanya, terkadang lupa akan arti kebahagiaan itu sendiri. Lupa bahwa kita juga harus pursue happiness.