Congrats Rafa, Next Time Roger

Sunday, February 1st 2009

So emotional for Federer (and for me indeed) to end the first Grand Slam of the year 2009, the Australian Open. Only needed 4 games more to be an equalizer of 14 GS record, but the ATP first rank made Roger to wait for the next Grand Slam. I am very unsatisfied with the ending, Roger did too much enforced errors in the last set. Even though Rafa won, he was not as good as he turned down Verdasco. The match which I acclaim as the best match of this tournament for me, the Spaniards duel.

To Roger:

When Roger? When??? Your fans wanna see you breaking Sampras record. French Open will be the closer one, but you have to realize that you never win Coupe des Mousquetaires. To get it off from Rafa is truly almost impossible. Rafa is the king of clay, he is the king at France for the last 4 years in a row. French Open is his favorite Slams. Like you with your favorite Wimbledon grass court, before last year when Rafa stole it from you in the five-exhausting-sets-epic-final match. Should we wait until US Open comes? Too long Roger… You didn’t have to drop your tears. Be patienced and believe if that time will come for sure…

To Rafa:

First of all, congratulations for your first Norman Brookes Trophy.

Second, hey Rafa, give him a chance… You are 5 years younger than him. Six slams on three different court in your 22. Your future is still long. Do whatever you like after he breaks the record… The rest, shall the record be with you my fave one, after the Great Roger Federer…