Quiet in Taipei, Crowded at Melbourne

Tuesday, January 27th 2009

Experiencing Chinese new year holiday in couple days makes me believe what people told about this town turning into silent, is true. At last Sunday, I was disappointed by two big stores which I usually go to in purpose to stock foods and daily needs. Because as everybody advised, we need to stock our foods when the holiday comes since it will be hard to find restaurants either stores which keep open. So I went out of my room at 6 o’clock in the evening and planned to obey their advise. Without forgetting to put my bag with two shopping-handy bag. I had bad feeling when I came out. I could not see anybody until I saw the highway near my dorm. It was a good place to make horror movie at that time. The environment would support the setting which is needed. Thus, this feeling directed me into a prejudice if those two stores would be closed. But I did not believe it, I wanted a proof.

Waiting for the bus at the bus stop, started staring surround. So quiet, or maybe too quiet. Even some stores still opened, but the number of people were extremely reduced. Hmmm… maybe around one-fourth were remained. Similar scheme inside the bus, many seats unoccupied, and very spacious. When I arrived, what my feeling predicted before was correct. The Geant store was closed. I thought because this store is rather big, therefore it might be open. Then I realized if I was not cleverer than a donkey who never fell twice. Stick on my plan to go to another store. I took MRT to go to Xiaonanmen station, the nearer station to reach my second destination. Inside MRT was like the situation in the bus, you can move from seat to seat along your way. Believe it or not, when I arrived at Xiaonanmen MRT station, there were only two people. The station officer and I. It reminds me a half year ago when I watched Kungfu Panda movie at Blitz PVJ. There were only two people inside the studio. Or three perhaps. The man who checked the ticket, the man who run the film, and the one and only viewer, the owner of this blog. Only one seat occupied, the rest were empty. Still wondering what their management was thinking to keep the movie played even nobody expects to watch it longer.

at Xiaonanmen MRT Station

at Xiaonanmen MRT Station

In front of station’s gate, after took few steps I could see the store directly. The second big store named Jia-Le-Fu aka Carrefour, was also closed. Before, I argued if it wont be too late to go there that night, because the national holiday would begin at Monday. But the reality sometimes bitter, it does not suit with what you thought. Later, for some matters, I have to entrust my feeling instead of my curiosity. Luckily, another mini market near my campus kept open. Altough not as complete as those two, I still could find what I needed. Put some vegetables, fruits, spices, squid, etc. to the basket. I will have experiments in my room, that was I thought. Beef soup, squid with oyster sauce, and beef curry, are the list of menu which I would like to make. At this kind of cold weather, to go out of my room is the last option to be picked. Cooking while watching Australian Open is a perfect match to do in this whole week. I can see and hear the crowd of supporters at Melbourne on my laptop. Coz nobody wants to be lonely, right?

And yesterday, I had no choice left beside to bury my dream deeply. Nightmare had come. The second rice cooker which I bought at the beginning of this semester, was broken.

Well, at least I still can enjoy the game, enjoy the play of the magnificent tennis players over the world. What I regret up to now is, no more beautiful women players can be watched. I just hope those two prodigy of recent tennis era, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, will meet (again) at the top stage of the tournament. A classic match.