1430 H

Sunday, December 28th 2008

Rest awhile from piled assignments, I remembered a quote from Kung Fu Panda movie. This quote was delivered by Master Oogway (the turtle) to encourage Po when he felt down, had no guts, and had no idea about what he should do. Then the Master said,

“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift, that is way it is called the present…”

Tomorrow is a mystery. And so does, the next year. Some questions were bubbling out of my mind in these few days. The big question is, what will happen to me later. Let me specify what they are.

Where will I celebrate Lebaran? Until now, have celebrated Lebaran for 2 years, far away from homeland. Although I still could celebrate with all new friends that I met here. But without main family, felt something was missing. Will it still continue for the next year? For sure, wherever it will be, it makes me excited to know.

What will I become? I mean after I graduate from here. An employee, a freeter, a new PhD student, or else? Everything is fine, but if I can choose, I’d like to become a new student (again) in other continent. Europe and America are preferable. As the study continue, the journey comes along with. That is what I have planned up to now. But you know, people can only make plans, for the rest… HE decides.

The time goes and never looked back. We are getting closer to what is destined for us. Such as, we are getting closer to our death, our success, our dream, or so on. Therefore, let me repeat in similar words, we are getting closer to who is destined for us. Especially for IJO LUMUT members. The expired date on the membership card was not written. So, we can only asking, whether this year is the time, or not yet. I hope, mine will expired soon this year.