Saturday, December 6th 2008

I was wondering, live in a country which has time zone GMT might be suitable for me. Instead of Taiwan which is 8 hours earlier. I talk about time to sleep. I thought it was the side effect of Ramadhan which made my sleeping time disorganized. Afraid of could not wake up at sahur, I kept my self awake all the night. Then started dreaming on the Kapok island (Pulau Kapuk alias bed) at about 5-6, till mid day. If I live in, let says England, then 6 in the morning is same as 10 at night. Hence, my sleeping time will be better. Good for health, following sunnah and Quran (Sura : An Naba, aya : 9-11); (9) And have appointed your sleep for repose, (10) And have appointed the night as a cloak, (11) And have appointed the day for livelihood.”

Even it is not often anymore at recent days, but it still can be happened anytime. And sometimes, it happened not at the right time. Just like today. Friday, the only day which I have to attend a morning class. And the definition of morning class in my campus is about 9.10 am. It is not like when I was trapped in elephant’s cage for 4,5 years, several years ago. At that time, morning class definitely means morning, i.e. 7 am. Or another flashback around 9 years (which seems not really long time) ago, when I was still innocent boy wearing white-and-gray uniform. The school starts at 7 am.

Today, I was late enter the class about 25 minutes. Was left 4-5 slides of material course. Yu-Xuan Guo , is the name of Professor who taught the class this morning. Still young, I predict his age is around early 30 or late 20. Graduated 2 years ago from the university which I adore very much and really wish to be there someday, Stanford University. The side effect of slept at morning was working in the middle of the class. Closing my eyes little bit, and I came to another world. My soul like was living in two worlds. I tried to concentrate, but when my eyes adhered each other, I wrapped into another world. Sometimes, Professor’s voice woke me up, he talked with microphone. But still, I could not really follow the class as well.

I hope it was not because of the movie I watched at night before. The movie¬† which is based from a book, which more popular to be called as chicklit. Okay, you can laugh after I tell you the title. Cintapuccino. I have read the book and own it, so that is the reason behind why I watched the movie. Nope, that was not exact reason actually. I just did not know why I wanna watched it. Beautiful actress? Do you mean Sissy and Nadia? Hmmm… short of. About the story, very girly indeed. But guys, you also need to know their world in order to conquer their heart. Even after saw it, nothing I can get from it except, everything has been written on Lauhul Mahfudz by The Creator of the universe, Allah SWT. I mean, we already know that who your spouse will be, is about fate.

Another suspect, the curse of the book titled Sliding Pig alias Babi Ngesot written by Raditya Dika. Actually I want to read the latest episode of Andrea Hirata’s tetralogy, instead of the latest Dika’s book. Unfortunately I can not afford it here. But it’s okay, at least Dika’s book can make me sleepy by reading it. Before sleep I like to read light reading, to relaxing brain so that can make sleep easier. The reading which does not require the reader to think, just enter it from right hole of your nose, drop by a few second in your brain, and turn it out through your mouth.