An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Sunday, March 16th 2008

Such some weeks ago I got sick. This sickness was very bad because it made me uncomforted to do any activities, and I also felt guilty to surroundings because made the air polluted by the virus that I spread out. I had light fever and cough, plus little bit runny nose at night. I thought home medicines (Decolsin, Bisolvon) that I brought from Indonesia would easily makes me well in a short of time, but it didn’t work along a week. I gave up and went to see the doctor in my campus. The clinic lies nearby the main library. I knew it from Mbak Yuhana. She was from there with same problem, some days ago before me.

4 kinds of drugs (not “drugs” of course) that the Doctor gave me. I asked my friend who studies at Faculty of Medicine – University of Indonesia about the medicines that the Doctor gave to me, she said most of them are medicines to heal influenza. Specifically, one is for healing the cough, two are for turning the fever down, and another one is for healing the seasonal allergic. Then she suggested me if I were not getting better after consuming those drugs, it is better to do healthy life. Which means, consumes nutritious foods (4 health 5 perfect?), do not sleep late at night, and do not work/study too tired. I admit that I eat fruits rarely, and did oppositely with her suggestions. I prefer juice instead of fresh fruits with flexibility reason, but it also not often to be done.

Yesterday when I watched tennis tournament in my campus, there were surprise market (how to say “pasar kaget” in English?) besides the tennis courts. They sold many things. Vegetables, fruits, “arak”, traditional foods, etc. Remembered by my friend’s message, then I tended to buy apples. As it’s name, surprise market, I really surprised when I picked some apples in a plastic which was contained 6 apples and I asked its price, he said that it was $200 NT! ($1 NT= +/- Rp 290.) What a very very very expensive apple!!! But I won’t take my words back. I had picked them and said that I would buy it.

Now, I am trying to entertain myself by searching the benefits of an apple. I want to make a story inside of my head that an apple has so many good reasons, therefore I do not regret that I have bought them. There is a word saying “an apple a day makes the Doctor keeps away.” No, it doesn’t mean you throw the doctor’s head by an apple to get the doctor away. An apple, indeed has many advantages to be consumed. I found a site which lists what makes this fruit is different with others. You can read the complete version here, but I will also write it down as a resume with additional comments at some points.

1. contains Vitamin C.

which has more? an apple or an orange?

2. prevent heart disease.

it is very useful to start a relationship, we can be prevented before our partner make a pain in our heart

3. low in calories.

good for diet

4. prevent cancers.

except : cantong cerings

5. contain phenols : reduces bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol.

good news for meat eaters

6. prevent tooth decay.

that’s why either apple and dentist are expensive

7. protects your brain from brain disease.

if you realize your friends already have crazy symptoms, give them apples quickly before getting worse. this effect does not work on people who are in love, because they already lose their mind

8. healthier lungs.

good news for smokers, bad news for passive smokers

9. they taste great.

it is subjective opinion, so it is alright if you don’t agree