Working Like Crazy

Sunday, December 30th 2007

Maybe what was Prof.Charlie said at the first meeting of the class, is true. That I have to study/work harder to survive in Taiwan. Survive means, to get proper points to pass all courses, and compete with Taiwanese students who are undoubtedly freaks with their studies.

2 days ago was the day when we had to submit our homework. That was different with the two previous homeworks. Before, he only assigned about our opinions and ideas to solve problems. But the last one, he asked us to make a program. It was very challenging because it has been a long time that I had not touched any programming language. The Last time was when I dealt with Java, when I took Object Oriented Programming with Java class. But now, there is nothing left. They all have evaporated from my brain.

Then I decided to choose C++. Why? Because I thought I will need it for my thesis research. Yup, I ever got this programming language in my second year, but it has been 4 years ago. I had forgotten everything about C++. Therefore I had to learn it from the beginning, learned how to appear Hello World in a console. Although this homework had 4 weeks to had done, but I started it when there was a week left. [Sombong mode : ON] Fortunately, ore wa tensai [Japanese], wo hen lihai a… [Chinese]. I should believe that I got 143 IQ points which was resulted from IQ test on Facebook. So I could finished the assignment in a week. But maybe it was not as good as the other’s.

Until now, I do not know why, even though I had so much time at front to do something, I filled it with unnecessary-unimportant-things. As a compensation, my brain would work very hard, plus, I could not sleep well at nights near the deadline. Should I work as hard as them (Taiwanese students) to avoid this condition? But who will guarantee that I will not going crazy when I go back to Indonesia?

Ok, lets get out of topic. What is your plan for tomorrow, December 31th? Do you want to know what my plan is? Attending 2 seminars for another homework.