Chinese Opera

Saturday, December 22nd 2007

Today is a mother’s day, but I won’t talk about it. I want to tell you about my experience watching the Chinese opera. Laoshi (= Chinese teacher) invited us to watch this opera to substitute her absent few months ago. Therefore, today, my classmates from Chinese class (2 Vietnamese), laoshi, a friend from Indonesia, and I, went to Muzha in order to realize it. We met at Muzha Station. Then we had to take a bus and continued by walking to reached the location, which is at The Chinese Art Center. The show itself started at 2.30 pm.

They have two stories which were not connected between each other. The first story told about a detective woman who disguised into a man. She was ordered by the King, which was also a woman, to stand the justice. In her way doing her jobs, she met a man who then would be her partner to fought injustice in their territories. One day, she had conversation with her friend. Her friend told her to marry her partner. The detective could not imagine if that plan could be realized. Because, her partner only knew her as a man. Another day, when the detective talked with her friend, her partner overheard their speech. Her truth identity was uncovered. They began to like each other, then they got married. Laoshi said that in the end of the show, it had funny dialog. Even though they had married, but her partner (now became husband) kept calling her, “my lovely brother.”

The second story was the main show, I thought. Because it was longer than the first one. Ok, I’ll make it into a short story. A long time ago there was a kingdom which had several strong General. But one day, there was a General who betrayed this kingdom. The two strongest General were called to lead the operation to found out the betrayer. But there was only one position for the leader. Then, the king held a little competition between them to decided who would be the leader, and who would be the vice leader. The General with a red mask won, the white-face General lost. And then they worked together against the betrayer. They had succeeded push-down the betrayer. But it was not the end of the story. That winning situation was used by the white-face General to killed the leader. The king thought that was white-face General who won the fight against betrayer, then the king was very proud of him. Unfortunately, his life was not getting better. He was haunted by red-mask General ghost. In the end, white-face General killed himself.

Honestly, I am not sure enough with my version stories. It is combination of my interpretation of the show (from their acting and gestures), plus laoshi’s story. Although I have been in Taiwan for almost 4 months, but I am still could not understand their language well. Dui bu qi…