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Working Like Crazy

Sunday, December 30th, 2007

Maybe what was Prof.Charlie said at the first meeting of the class, is true. That I have to study/work harder to survive in Taiwan. Survive means, to get proper points to pass all courses, and compete with Taiwanese students who are undoubtedly freaks with their studies.

2 days ago was the day when we had to submit our homework. That was different with the two previous homeworks. Before, he only assigned about our opinions and ideas to solve problems. But the last one, he asked us to make a program. It was very challenging because it has been a long time that I had not touched any programming language. The Last time was when I dealt with Java, when I took Object Oriented Programming with Java class. But now, there is nothing left. They all have evaporated from my brain.

Then I decided to choose C++. Why? Because I thought I will need it for my thesis research. Yup, I ever got this programming language in my second year, but it has been 4 years ago. I had forgotten everything about C++. Therefore I had to learn it from the beginning, learned how to appear Hello World in a console. Although this homework had 4 weeks to had done, but I started it when there was a week left. [Sombong mode : ON] Fortunately, ore wa tensai [Japanese], wo hen lihai a… [Chinese]. I should believe that I got 143 IQ points which was resulted from IQ test on Facebook. So I could finished the assignment in a week. But maybe it was not as good as the other’s.

Until now, I do not know why, even though I had so much time at front to do something, I filled it with unnecessary-unimportant-things. As a compensation, my brain would work very hard, plus, I could not sleep well at nights near the deadline. Should I work as hard as them (Taiwanese students) to avoid this condition? But who will guarantee that I will not going crazy when I go back to Indonesia?

Ok, lets get out of topic. What is your plan for tomorrow, December 31th? Do you want to know what my plan is? Attending 2 seminars for another homework.

Proposal Daisakusen (IMO)

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Let says that I was too late for watching dorama titled Proposal Daisakusen. I knew that this dorama is very good from everybody who talked about it in their blogs and from some reviews. And at last, finally, I just finished watching this dorama today (I watched it for around a week, 1 or 2 episodes per day). This film conducts very good story which also gives the viewers a very nice message. But, you have to watch this dorama till the end. Even though you have watched through 10 episodes, if you don’t watch the final (episode 11), you won’t get the message. The last episode is the punch line. I caught the message saying like this :

“Although you can go back to the past, you would not change everything (maybe only changed some little things). Your future is depend on what you (will) do today.”

That was depicted by Ken’s efforts which always went back to the past, but then, he always failed to fulfill his mission. Ken never can do what he supposed to do, confess his feeling to Rei, because he was burden by friendship. Not like Tada-san who could easily declared that he likes Rei and then engaged her. Let’s talk back about ‘feeling’ which is burden by friendship. Heeeh… suddenly it reminds me about a very girly novel titled Cintapuccino. You might also have some kinds of similar feeling in your childhood, don’t you? I think almost everybody have it. If you ask me, I belong to almost everybody. But, that is not the point. The point is, you regret it or admit it. If you ask me again, I’m not pretty sure with my answer. Because sometimes I regret it, but sometimes I accept it.

[English mode : OFF] Halah, kok jadi ngalor ngidul gini. Padahal cuma pengen nge-review sedikit tentang dorama-nya Masami sama Yamapi. Buat yang belom dan pengen nonton, link-nya bisa didonlot di sini. Emang sih temanya rada2 mencla-mencle tentang ABeGe, apalagi kalo bukan tentang CiMon alias Cinta Monkey. Kalo bukan karena terpengaruh komen2 yang bilang dorama ini bagus, toh saya nggak akan nonton. Last but not least, beli berlian dan kertas putih, cukup sekian dan terimakasih.

Chinese Opera

Saturday, December 22nd, 2007

Today is a mother’s day, but I won’t talk about it. I want to tell you about my experience watching the Chinese opera. Laoshi (= Chinese teacher) invited us to watch this opera to substitute her absent few months ago. Therefore, today, my classmates from Chinese class (2 Vietnamese), laoshi, a friend from Indonesia, and I, went to Muzha in order to realize it. We met at Muzha Station. Then we had to take a bus and continued by walking to reached the location, which is at The Chinese Art Center. The show itself started at 2.30 pm.

They have two stories which were not connected between each other. The first story told about a detective woman who disguised into a man. She was ordered by the King, which was also a woman, to stand the justice. In her way doing her jobs, she met a man who then would be her partner to fought injustice in their territories. One day, she had conversation with her friend. Her friend told her to marry her partner. The detective could not imagine if that plan could be realized. Because, her partner only knew her as a man. Another day, when the detective talked with her friend, her partner overheard their speech. Her truth identity was uncovered. They began to like each other, then they got married. Laoshi said that in the end of the show, it had funny dialog. Even though they had married, but her partner (now became husband) kept calling her, “my lovely brother.”

The second story was the main show, I thought. Because it was longer than the first one. Ok, I’ll make it into a short story. A long time ago there was a kingdom which had several strong General. But one day, there was a General who betrayed this kingdom. The two strongest General were called to lead the operation to found out the betrayer. But there was only one position for the leader. Then, the king held a little competition between them to decided who would be the leader, and who would be the vice leader. The General with a red mask won, the white-face General lost. And then they worked together against the betrayer. They had succeeded push-down the betrayer. But it was not the end of the story. That winning situation was used by the white-face General to killed the leader. The king thought that was white-face General who won the fight against betrayer, then the king was very proud of him. Unfortunately, his life was not getting better. He was haunted by red-mask General ghost. In the end, white-face General killed himself.

Honestly, I am not sure enough with my version stories. It is combination of my interpretation of the show (from their acting and gestures), plus laoshi’s story. Although I have been in Taiwan for almost 4 months, but I am still could not understand their language well. Dui bu qi…

Winner without Trophy

Tuesday, December 18th, 2007

Sabtu-Minggu kemarin, di NTU diselenggarakan turnamen olahraga antar para student yang berasal dari overseas chinese (i.e., Hongkong, Macau, Malaysia, dll). NTUFSA diundang untuk berpartisipasi dalam acara ini. Ada 5 cabang yang dipertandingkan, badminton, pingpong, basket, voli, dan sepakbola. Saya ikut cabang yang disebutkan terakhir.

Sabtu, hari pertama diselenggarakannya turnamen ini, tim NTUFSA dari cabang lain mulai berguguran. Tim voli dan basket terkena diskualifikasi karena kurangnya jumlah peserta. Sedangkan tim badminton tidak mampu berbicara banyak, dan hanya menyisakan satu nomor yang berhasil survive yaitu di ganda putra yang diwakili oleh pasangan Malaysia-Vietnam. Harapan lain bertumpu pada tim sepakbola. Pertandingan pertama dilalui dengan minimnya gol. Tim kami hanya mampu menang satu gol atas tim gabungan Hongkong-Macau. Mungkin karena belum ada saling pengertian dan kerjasama yang baik antar pemain. Maklum, tidak ada persiapan menjelang kompetisi ini. Di pertandingan kedua, tim kami sukses menghancur leburkan tim Malaysia dengan 5 gol tanpa balas. 2 kemenangan itu membuat kami masuk ke semifinal.

Berkomposisikan skuad dari 4 benua (minus Australia) mewarnai sebuah permainan sepakbola gado2 dari tim ini. Skuad NTUFSA terdiri dari 2 orang Spanyol, 1 Kosta Rika, 4 Vietnam, 2 Indonesia, 1 Kolumbia, 1 Irak, 1 Afrika Selatan. Tidak salah kalau Spanyol merasa memiliki 2 agama di negaranya. Agama sebagai kepercayaan, dan juga sepakbola. Karena kedua orang Spanyol itu lah inspirator tim ini. Kami bermain dengan formasi 2-3-2 (8 orang/tim) menggunakan setengah lapangan.

Hari kedua, pada pertandingan semifinal entah lawan tim mana, setelah unggul 1-0 dan kemudian disamakan menjadi 1-1, akhirnya babak pertama berakhir dengan kemenangan, 3-1. Di babak kedua tim kami menambah 4 gol lagi tanpa kebobolan. Hasil akhir, 7-1.

Jam 12 lewat 15, matahari bertahta di tengah langit Taipei. Debu pasir terbang hilir mudik di tengah lapangan yang sudah tidak menyisakan rumput. Seperti di makan kambing2 kurban. Siang itu, mau tidak mau, suka tidak suka, pertandingan final pun akhirnya dilangsungkan. Babak pertama berlangsung mudah bagi kami, 3-0. Tapi indahnya babak pertama tak seindah babak kedua. Tim kami mencetak 2 gol lagi. Tidak, kita tidak menambah selisih gol jadi 5, tapi mengurangi selisih gol menjadi 1! karena 2 gol itu bersarang di gawang sendiri. Untungnya ketika saat wasit meniup peluit panjang, hasil akhir tidak berubah. Kami menang 3-2.

Mimpi mengangkat piala selayaknya juara Piala Dunia diiringi lagu We Are The Champion, serta menerima medali pun ter-bayang2 oleh teman2 ketika kita sedang bersantai sebelum pertandingan final di mulai. Sayangnya, mimpi tinggal lah mimpi. Tim kami didiskualifikasi karena koordinator kami ikut bermain di babak final karena kekurangan orang akibat ada pemain kami yang cedera. Yo wis lah… mungkin memang sudah nasib…

Minggu malam, badan serasa remuk redam. Akumululasi rasa capek akibat main bola 2 hari berturut-turut, dan ditambah bersepeda ke Jiantan di hari Sabtu paginya. Kaki-tangan-badan pegel2 semua, tapi MU vs Liverpool nggak boleh terlewatkan untuk disaksikan. Akhirnya nebeng nonton di kantin NTUST. It was worth it, MU menang. Tapi walaupun toh MU menang, badan ini nggak merasa lebih baik. Tetep aja pegel2.


Saturday, December 8th, 2007

Hari sabtu adalah hari di mana gw bingung mau ngapain. Kalo lagi nggak ada kerjaan (seperti jalan2 atau acara ke pergi ke mana… gitu), biasanya nonton film yang udah didonlot di hari2 sebelumnya. Tapi bosen juga gitu2 terus. FYI, gw sekarang lagi ngikutin dorama Iryu season 2 (terhenti di episode 4 karena episode selanjutnya belum ada subtitle Inggrisnya, padahal dah punya sampe eps 8), Galileo (udah sampe episode 7, keren nih dorama, tentang detektif yg kerjasama sama profesor Fisika), Smallville season 7 (BeTe, episode 9 gak keluar2), Aliens in America (garing), Heroes season 2 yang cuma 11 episode, and yang terakhir, Naruto Shippuden.

Ngomong2 tentang Naruto, kebetulan sore ini gw lagi pengen maen badminton di NTU sport center bareng sama anak NTUFSA. Lah kok tiba2 di depannya terjadi keributan… Setelah mendekat lebih dekat, ternyata ada…

Sayang euy gak punya kamera canggih, jadinya cuma foto2 seadanya pake kamera henfon. Padahal orang lain niat2 banget motonya, sampe modelnya disuruh tidur2an, atau fotografernya yg sampe tidur2an. Sayangnya gw kagak nemu si UZUMAKI NARUTO cs… :((